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Consumer-Led Healthcare / Wellness

Consumer-led healthcare segment is defined by customers who want to understand their state of general good health and wellness. With the growing market in personalized wellness, more companies are offering home wellness tests directly to consumers to evaluate their state of health. Common categories of wellness test include food sensitivity, diet & nutrition, liver health, fertility, among many others.

Blood samples for these test categories are historically self-collected by consumers through finger prick and sent to laboratories for testing. With the emergence of disruptive technologies in this evolving healthcare market, consumers are demanding access to more accurate data, over a larger time frame, with a larger panel of analytes. Novel patient centric sampling technologies allow the collection of high quality samples that enable the use of more sophisticated instrumentations for their analysis, providing results that are more accurate and informative.
The wellness tests may be obtained directly by consumers through non-traditional sources such as the internet or pharmacies. In order to achieve that, the consumers need to understand the different wellness testing services and sample collection options available to them. The manufacturers need to ensure optimum product safety, regulatory compliance, sample quality, user friendliness, data privacy and integrity. The level of physician’s involvement and its integration into healthcare system needs to be considered based upon local regulatory requirements.

Case Studies

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