Melanie Anderson

Melanie Anderson is a principal scientist at Merck, Sharp, and Dohme (NJ, USA) with over 15 years’ experience in reglated bioanalysis conducing both LC-MS and LBA analysis. In her current role, she evaluates and implements novel sampling approaches for drug level quantitation and biomarker testing in clinical trials. Melanie currently co-chairs the TALG IQ Patient Centric Sampling Group. In addition, she is on the organizing committee for the Land O’ Lakes bioanalytical conference and CPSA-USA. She received her BA in Chemistry from Hasting College (NE, USA), and an MS in Chemistry from Lehigh University (PA, USA).

We need to expect innovation in health care to meet the needs of the patients. The vacutainer was in vented in the late 1940s. Why are utilizing the same approaches 80 years later? We must do better for patients with painless approaches, diminished volumes, and remote collection capability.