Christophe Stove

Christophe Stove, PharmD, PhD heads the Laboratory of Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University, Belgium. Besides teaching some 5 courses (amongst which toxicology, drug toxicity and bioanalysis), he directs the Lab’s service activities (forensic toxicology and reference lab activities (Ref4U)) and steers the research. The latter covers applied cell biology, as well as bioanalysis, with topics linked to the development of bio-assays as an alternative drug screening approach in forensic toxicology, to vitamer analysis, or to microsampling applications and associated challenges. He has over 130 publications, many of which in leading journals in the field (e.g. Analytical Chemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Biochemical Pharmacology, …), has been cited >2200 times, has an H-index of 28, is editorial board member of several journals, has served in over 50 PhD evaluation committees, was the promotor of 15 defended PhD’s and currently supervises 7 PhD students. He is currently Board/Council Member of 3 national and 2 international (TIAFT and IATDMCT) organizations.

“It is essential for the future of microsampling that the obtained data are critically evaluated.”