Christophe Stove

Christophe Stove, PharmD, PhD is associate-professor at Ghent University, heading the Laboratory of Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where he serves as a Department Chair for the Department of Bioanalysis. Besides teaching some 5 courses (amongst which toxicology, drug toxicity and bioanalysis), he directs the Lab’s service activities (forensic toxicology and reference lab activities (Ref4U)) and steers the research. The latter covers applied cell biology, as well as bioanalysis. Topics include the evaluation of signaling at selected G protein-coupled receptors, the development of bio-assays as an alternative drug screening approach in forensic toxicology, as well as vitamer analysis, and microsampling applications and associated challenges.
He has over 160 publications (with over 100 publications since 2016), with many publications in leading journals in the field, and serves as a lead author on the vast majority of these.

“Good data requires good sampling.”