Dr. Jenny Royle

I am currently Director of Rekaryo Health Ltd, a company that specialises in clinical science as well as supporting teams in rapidly progressing from idea to solution using scientific method, iterative co-creation with patients, as well as optimised trial and communication approaches. Alongside this I am responsible for the training and capability build across a newly established network of 24 early-phase oncology trial sites in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France so that they are also able to iterate solutions with patients and deliver digital and/or technological-clinical trials.


Prior to this I trained in biochemistry, pharmacology and psychology/behaviour change. I have many years experience in pharma: designing trials, analysing data, and supporting products at all stages of clinical development and post-launch. I’ve also been a founding leader in a novel research team that optimised healthcare decision-science and involved collaboration between pharma, academia, NHS, and charities. As part of this research I have been chief investigator for digital/technology trials and developed a novel ‘navigational tool’ to integrate regulations with technical, clinical, and behavioural science so that researchers can effectively co-develop technologically-enhanced care pathways with patients.

“If every decision we make is for patient-benefit, then we’ll make a difference that matters.”