Dr. Julien Déglon

Dr Déglon completed his PhD in the toxicological lab at the University Hospitals of Geneva where he developed several applications based on blood micro samples hyphenated with LC-MS/MS. Thanks to his great efforts, he successfully implemented dozens of methods nowadays still in routine.

Concerned about bringing better, easier solutions for the patient while keeping the quality of the analysis, Dr Déglon founded DBS System in 2010 in order to bring innovative patient solutions with the standardization of blood micro-sampling.

In 2015 the HemaXis concept came a reality and in 2019 DBS System launched into the market its first registered product HemaXis DB10 (CE/IVD & FDA).  As CTO and co-founder, he oversees development programs for both future products and biomedical applications.

"Always keep an eye on what patients’ needs"