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  • Afford a platform for collaborative activities associated with the development and implementation of patient centric blood sampling and analysis technologies for the provision of high quality information on a user’s health status.

  • Enable the promotion of the wider understanding and acceptance of such technologies by stakeholders, including, but not limited to patients, consumers, regulators, healthcare providers, fellow scientists, media.

  • Act as a focal point for enquiries from stakeholders on patient centric blood sampling and related technologies.

  • Provide a framework to help ensure that all activities associated with the interest group are performed to the highest standards of ethics, data integrity, scientific quality, compliance and transparency.

  • Is free to join and is open to all that are interested in furthering its remit. None of those involved in the group are paid and no bias is shown to any particular organization or technology. Company proprietary intellectual property will not be shared, unless publicly available.

  • Any promotional activities associated with the marketing and pricing of patient centric blood sampling and analysis technologies by the interest group members is outside the scope of this interest group

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