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The Patient Centric Sampling Interest Group was founded in October 2017 during discussions at the CPSA USA 2017 event in Langhorne, PA in a session entitled “Patient Centric Blood Sampling and Analysis: Let’s Make this Happen!” led by Neil Spooner (Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions) and Joe Siple (New Objective) and facilitated by the founder of CPSA, Mike Lee (Milestone Development Services). The session brought together a number of parties from different organizations who all had an interest in progressing these important technologies and realized that progress would be both better and faster if they were to work together. To cement this, Trajan Scientific and Medical created a knowledge management platform for those interested, to enable cross organizational communication, working and sharing of documents, ideas and information.

The group currently has a membership of over 100 individuals from more than 50 organizations. including device and technology innovators, hospital laboratories, central clinical laboratories, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, clinical trial logistics companies, instrument vendors, consumable vendors, consultancies, publishers, etc.

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