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The Patient Centric Sampling Interest Group (PCSIG) is a collaborative collective of individuals and organizations who have a shared interest in promoting patient centric sampling approaches. They are unified by their interest in facilitating the development and implementation of novel sample collection technologies so that they can be integrated into standard of care. The group is focused on fostering a broader understanding and future widespread implementation of these technologies and serves as a clearing-house for information that helps support this cause. Further, the group’s aim is to become the industry catalyst for innovation, technology transfer and the sharing of best practice between members, leading to better outcomes for these organizations and the end consumers of the technologies developed. This will be accomplished as a collaborative association, without payments being made, nor by the sharing of proprietary intellectual property.

To ensure that these technologies are what is required by the broader population, the interest group aims to actively engage with stakeholders, including healthcare providers, consumers, patients, regulators, fellow scientists and the media to understand and address their concerns surrounding patient centric blood sampling and analysis.

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