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In this webinar, ImYoo will present preliminary data on biological insights derived from their decentralized autoimmune flare study. Specifically, they will highlight cell-specific transcript markers identified through longitudinal sampling of flares in inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis – markers often overlooked in cross-sectional study designs. ImYoo will further explore how its decentralized approach to collecting substantial molecular data enhances patient diversity, compliance, and retention in studies.

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Recently, the National academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) has recommended that people test their water and blood for per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS). Traditionally, PFAS tests have been conducted with serum. Only recently has technology developed to a point where both a volumetric sampling device and highly sensitive instrumentation can come together to assist the analytical challenge of a remote PFAS blood test. Equally important are the suite of isotopically labelled standards that are spiked into every sample to aid in quantitation. This approach is known as isotope dilution and it is considered the gold-standard of quantitation.

This talk aims to educate the viewer on this new approach for PFAS testing.

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Clinical dosage of toxic and essential elements in blood is well established; however, the collection method nowadays is still by venipuncture. This method has several drawbacks and is not suited for everyone, especially pediatric patients. Fortunately, volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS®) has been shown to bring significant advantages over venipuncture for blood sampling.

This webinar provides an overview of the development and validation as well as the performance of a method for the quantification by ICP-MS/MS of various toxic and essential elements in blood collected on VAMS tips.

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Discussion of method development and validation, sample handling, additional experimental considerations for patient-centric sampling.

Microsampling and patient-centric sampling is a relatively new and emerging field that has been introduced with success in both the preclinical and clinical space. Although there have been significant advancements made on the collection side, there remains challenges and considerations on the lab side of things. This talk will touch on additional experimental considerations and tips for processing and handling samples.​​​​​​​

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Finger-prick sampling emerges as an attractive tool for therapeutic drug monitoring and associated diagnostics during follow-up in different patient populations. Kidney transplant recipients constitute a group with likely valuable gain from this concept. It is necessary to meet requirements for quality, efficiency, user-friendliness and new forms of interaction in order to achieve successful implementation in clinical practice. Aspects related to technical operations and quality, factors important for success, as well as identified challenges will be highlighted in this webinar.

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This presentation provides an overview of the distinct requirements for routine implementation of dried blood microsampling.


Join in this Free Webinar to learn about the use of big data and remote monitoring to transform healthcare today. Moderated by Neil Spooner, Director, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions and Co-Founder of the PCSIG.


This Free Webinar discusses the use of patient centric sampling technologies for the collection of high quality blood samples for pediatric clinical trials.

Moderated by Neil Spooner, Director, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions and Co-Founder of the Patient Centric Sampling Interest Group (PCSIG),

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