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PCSIG Webinar On Demand

IN-HOME AKI Monitoring in Cancer Patients: From Concept to Clinical Evaluation

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The IN-HOME study assesses the feasibility and acceptability of using a whole-blood creatinine point-of-care testing device (NOVA Biomedical StatSensor® Xpress) in the home, to monitor patient kidney function whilst receiving anticancer treatments that are potentially toxic to the kidneys.

Improved monitoring of kidney function could potentially lead to earlier detection of adverse renal events and improve patient outcomes. This could also alleviate the risk of patients with reduced kidney function going on to clinical trials.

This webinar covers the end-to-end process that the team has gone through from initial idea, device selection and working with patients and healthcare professional to design an appropriate study to evaluate the feasibility of using the technology in the patient’s home. Key learnings to date from the practical delivery of a research study into the UK NHS are also shared.

Join Leanna Goodwin, Research Practitioner, The Christie Hospital and digital ECMT (Cancer Research UK Cancer Biomarker Centre) in this Free Webinar to discuss IN-HOME AKI monitoring in cancer patients. Moderated by Jenny Royle, Strategic Lead, MediPaCe (London, UK).


Jenny Royle
Strategic Lead, MediPaCe (London, UK)

Trained in biochemistry, pharmacology and psychology/behaviour change, Jenny spent many years in pharma designing trials, analyzing data, supporting products, and establishing patient-centric functions.

She has also been a founding leader, and Chief-Investigator in a novel academic research team that optimized healthcare decision science and involved collaboration between pharma, academia, NHS and charities.


Leanna Goodwin
Research Practitioner, The Christie Hospital and digital ECMT (Cancer Research UK Cancer Biomarker Centre)

Leanna Goodwin is a Research Practitioner in the digital Experimental Cancer Medicine Team based at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, UK. Leanna works in this patient-facing role on Technology Clinical Trials, which seek to collaborate with patients and healthcare professionals to use technology to develop innovative care pathways.



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