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PCSIG Commitment to Fairness

PCSIG is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together a diverse community who wish to develop and promote ways of enabling patients to take control of sampling, e.g. blood, plasma, urine, etc. In providing access to activities, discussions and information, the PCSIG aims to mitigate bias by:

  • Providing free membership of the community.

  • Maintaining fair and equal communication to our members of all news and activities being set-up, undertaken, and completed, through the PCSIG LinkedIn community.

  • Requests for activity participation, leadership, and facilitation are circulated from time to time to the PCSIG LinkedIn community. In the rare situation where a specific capability or experience is required for an activity role, this will be clearly stated within the request and be device/company agnostic.

  • The activities of the PCSIG are supported by sponsorship. Opportunities to sponsor are available to all, with the annual fee being maintained at a level to ensure that organisations have the option of sponsorship regardless of their size, or geographical location, and to facilitate a wide representation from the community.

  • PCSIG considers all its members and sponsors to be equal and will not promote, or support any of them above the others in our community. The PCSIG may feature organisations, or community members as they are relevant to the group's activities. The PCSIG strives to maintain equal opportunity to all prospective features.

  • The PCSIG LinkedIn community is open to all for contributions, and discussion is welcome. PCSIG moderates communications only to ensure that excessive promotion of individual technologies and/or service offerings does not occur, and that fairness is maintained.

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