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The Patient Centric Sampling Interest Group (PCSIG) hosted an in-person one-day event on Sunday 2nd July, 2023, in Glasgow, Scotland, as a satellite meeting to the 19th World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 2023 (#WCP2023).

The event discussed patient centric sampling (PCS) – the collection of high-quality samples for the determination of pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and clinical chemistry endpoints. The technologies and workflows available to facilitate PCS offer the potential to collect high-quality samples from patients in settings away from centralized clinical locations, such as in the home. Thus, putting the needs of the patient at the center.

Follow the links below for presentations from experts from a range of stakeholders including pharma, healthcare, suppliers, and the patient voice.


1st Session – Chair David Sciberras, FBPhS
  • Introduction to Patient Centric Sampling - Benefits and Technologies Available

Ariane Kahnt (Janssen Research & Development, Belgium)

Jenny Royle (MediPaCe, UK)

Chiara Rospo (UCB, Belgium)

James Rudge (Trajan Scientific & Medical, UK)

Vendors Quick Fire Presentations
  • ​Routine Adoption of Patient Centric Samples in the Analytical Laboratory

Iain Love (Charles River Laboratories), UK

John Corcoran (Q   Solutions, USA)

  • Patient-Centric Sample Collection Enables Denser and More Resilient Data Collection in Clinical Trials

Erwin Berthier (Tasso, IUSA)

Minna Salonen (Trajan Scientific & Medical, Finland)

  • Increasing participant engagement and completion with TAP blood collection technology

Patricia Holman (YourBio Health, UK)

2nd Session – Chair James Rudge (Trajan Scientific & Medical, UK)
  • Improving the Multiple Myeloma Patient Pathway: Microsampling for Remote Monitoring of Free Light Chains

Nithya Paranthaman (The Royal Marsden Hospital, UK)

Hugues Chanteux (UCB, Belgium)

Micha Levi (Gates MRI, USA)

Silvia Alonso Rodriguez (AstraZeneca, UK)




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